With the persistent efforts of improving the lives of Filipinos abroad, PLDT Global is going beyond mobile services. It leverages on the core strengths of its parent company, PLDT, and optimizes international assets to create new opportunities in foreign markets. Thus, the birth of PLDT Online Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of PLDT Global and the first comprehensive e-Commerce portal for the whole PLDT Group of Companies.

PLDT Online goes forward under the brand name SMART Pinoy Store, a one-stop overseas Pinoy retail store that will cater to more Filipinos worldwide. Now with superior, new and improved products and services to offer, Overseas Filipinos can now participate in their loved ones' back home, as if they never left the Philippines.

Through the SMART Pinoy Store, Filipinos overseas can now make direct payments for their own and their family's needs to be delivered or rendered in the Philippines - from bills payment, telecommunications, financial, medical, educational services, gaming, gift items and so much more. Apart from all these, they can also make investments or do "negosyo" on an installment basis that's easy on the pocket. SMART Pinoy Store is all about providing a convenient and secure way to pre-pay for Filipino products and services.

Gift giving is one of the many ways to communicate one's feelings and emotions. That is why SMART Pinoy Store transforms communication to a whole new level. Breaking the old thinking of communication to just being a "call" --- and by that we mean, what you want is what we give! And the best way to do this is by sending the gifts right on the doorsteps of your loved ones home in the Philippines.


PLDT Global Corporation (PGC), a wholly owned subsidiary of PLDT, is the International Sales and Marketing arm of the group tasked to provide the best, innovative telecommunications solutions and other relevant consumer services to Filipinos offshore.

PGC was established in 2000 as a unit of the International Carrier Business Group of PLDT handling wholesale business. In 2004, it was spun off from PLDT with the directive to grow the international retail business.

Today, PLDT Global Corporation facilitates in providing high quality value-added and traffic wholesale services through its points of presence (PoPs) located worldwide.

Our five (5) core businesses comprise of Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), International Dealership, e-commerce, Remittance and Enterprise Business.